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Access Enhanced Trading Tools with the Azullian Plus Pass

Embrace a curated selection of our invite-only connectable indicators. Dive into a modular platform tailored for rigorous strategy testing, design and enhanced decision-making.


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Plus Pass


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Our Toolkit at a Glance

Simple Insights into the Core Features


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Standardized defaults

Stable performance


Code free

Flexible Conditional Scoring


Weight scoring conditions

Easy visual cues

Modular connectivity


ADX / Connectable

Bollinger Bands / Connectable

CCI / Connectable

Donchian Channels / Connectable

KDJ / Connectable

Moving average / Connectable

MACD / Connectable

RSI / Connectable

STO / Connectable

Signal Filter / Connectable

Strategy / Connectable

Signal Filter Plus / Connectable

Strategy Plus / Connectable

Volume Plus / Connectable

Moving Average Plus / Connectable

Monitor / Connectable

Expand your trading toolbox

Plus indicators offering enhanced flexibility and options

Signal Filter Plus / Connectable

Elevate your strategy development with Signal Filter Plus. This upgraded tool surpasses the standard Signal Filter, offering the capability to directly connect up to 5 indicators, enhancing its efficiency and scope. It serves as both a practical asset and a clarity-enhancing tool in your decision-making process. With Signal Filter Plus, you can effectively manage and visualize the interplay of multiple indicators, set more detailed conditions, and respond to market signals with greater precision.

Set your input sources

Modifiers Unleashed

Dynamic Signal Filtering


Weight scoring conditions

Easy visual cues

Modular connectivity

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Strategy Plus / Connectable

Explore advanced strategic trading with Strategy Plus. As an upgrade to our foundational Strategy tool in the connectable indicator series, this version offers more detailed strategy customization options, improved position management, and sophisticated signal interpretation. These features are crafted to refine your trading strategies effectively within TradingView.

Refined Signal Input Management

Strategic Position Investment Control

Advanced Exit Stop Loss Configuration

Strategic Exit Take Profit Settings

Calibrated Entry Position Allocation

Refined Order Setting Customization

Comprehensive Strategy Condition Settings

Intuitive Strategy Visualization Tools

Advanced Strategy Alert Configurations

Seamless Backend Integration with JSON Format

Weight scoring conditions

Easy visual cues

Modular connectivity

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Volume Plus / Connectable

Explore the essentials of volume analytics with our Volume Plus indicator. As an integral component of the connectable indicator series, it provides extensive customization possibilities. You can tailor your volume metrics according to your specific requirements, aiding in a clearer understanding of market movements.

Enhance Your Strategy: Customizable Volume Plus Settings

Condition Customization for Tactical Flexibility

Weight scoring conditions

Easy visual cues

Modular connectivity

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Moving Average Plus / Connectable

Discover the Moving Average Plus, a plus feature in the suite of connectable indicators on TradingView. This sophisticated version goes beyond the regular connectable Moving Average, providing an array of Moving Average types and flexible customization options. Tailor your trend analysis with precision, gaining more nuanced market insights. This advanced capability enhances both your analysis and strategic decisions, making it a great tool for traders seeking to refine their approach on TradingView.

Advanced Moving Average Plus Settings

Fine-Tune Your Moving Average Plus

Weight scoring conditions

Easy visual cues

Modular connectivity

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Signature Indicator Series

Get to know the best of the connectable indicator collection

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